Date and Place of Birth   
September 22, 1932 in a civil servants family in Rokiškis

Married Julija Stirtaitė in 1958, daughters Audronė and Laima
After divorce married Kristina Butrimienė in 2002

Professional Qualifications                   
Engineer specializing in hydrotechnical construction, Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, 1951–1956
The Doctor of Economics degree in 1974

Political, Public, Professional and Cultural Engagement 
Head of the construction of Kaunas hydropower plant, 1958–1962
Minister of Building Materials Industry of the Lithuanian SSR, 1965
Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR, 1967
Secretary for Industry and Economy of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lithuania, 1977–1988
The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lithuania, 1988
Member of the Supreme Council of Lithuanian SSR – The Reconstituent Seimas of Lithuania, 1990
Signed the Restoration Act of Lithuanian Independence on March 11, 1990
Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, 1990–1991
Member of Lithuanian Seimas, its Chairman and, pursuant to the Constitution of Lithuania, acted as President of the Republic until February 14, 1993, when he was elected the first President of the restored Republic of Lithuania
Initiated the reconstruction of the Royal Palace of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 1993
The Grand Cross of the Order of Vytautas the Great, 1998 (and 21 awards from foreign states)

Party Membership
Member of the Lithuanian Communist Party, 1958–1990; its chairman from 1989
Chairman of the Lithuanian Democratic Labour Party, 1990–1993

In Presidential Office
February 25, 1993–February 25, 1998

After Term of Office
Remained active in political life after the term of Office in 1998
Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuanian, 2001–2006
Chairman of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, 2001–2007, its Honor Chairman since 2007

Died in Vilnius on June 26, 2010