Date and Place of Birth   
June 10, 1956 in a civil servants family in Telšiai

Married Laima Sušinskytė, daughter Inga and son Mindaugas

Professional Qualifications                   
Industrial and Civil Engineer, Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute, 1974-1979
Engineer pilot, Civil Aviation Academy (Leningrad, Russia), 1984

Political, Public, Professional and Cultural Engagement 
Member of the former Soviet and Lithuanian national aerobatic team. Winner the aerobatics championship in Lithuania and international aerobatics competitions for several times
Commander of Voluntary National Defense Service after the restoration of independence of Lithuania
Mayor of Vilnius City, 1997–1999 and in 2000
Member of the Lithuanian Seimas, 2000
Prime Minister of the 9th Government of Lithuania, 1999
Prime Minister of the 11th Government of Lithuania, 2000–2001

Party Membership 
Member of ‘Tėvynės sąjunga’ (Lithuanian Conservative party), 1997–1999 
Chairman of the Lithuanian Liberal Union, 1999
Founder and chairman of Liberal Democratic Party, 2002; ‘Tvarka ir teisingumas’ from 2006 onwards

In Presidential Office
January 5, 2003 – on April 6, 2004 removed from the office after impeachment

After Impeachment
Remained active in political life; leads the ‘Tvarka and teisingumas’ party
Member of European Parliament from 2009